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Lesson in Bulgarian about the solar system.
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201 – ORRERY – Motorized Solar System Simulator

201 - ORRERY - Motorized Solar System Simulator

Give your students the chance to see the solar system in action. You will be able to show the students the relative orbit speeds of each planet and the relat…

Space games for kids. Solar System Simulator

Space games for kids, they won’t know its educational! Even though 3DAstronomer is a serious space simulator, planet simulator and solar system simulator, it really is also great ‘toy’ for anyone who is interested in astronomy, galaxies, stars planets and anything about space.


Online Flight Simulator

Did you know?

Navigating through space is effortless with 3DAstronomer online flight simulator.

Zooming from earth to Neptune is as simple as moving your mouse. And best of all, unlike being an real astronaut, there is no intense training, no worries about shuttle malfunction, and no dry space-food.  3DAstronomer online flight simulator is truly the safest and simplest way to explore the universe! .  3DAstronomer  the best planet simulator. Explore the solar system with this online,flight simulator online space game. Even astronomers like this online flight simulator, even though some liken it  to space simulation games, space games online, and online space games.

Travel and navigation throughout the galaxy is entirely controlled by your mouse and keyboard.  Plotting a course between the moon and Mars is easy with the point-and-go-to interface.  The entire navigation between stars and planets is controlled by you, quickly and easily with your mouse and keyboard, from changing the point of view to shifting course to a particular star or planet.  Best of all, you can get to the far reaches of the galaxy and beyond in minutes time.

The point-and-go-to interface of 3DAstronomer online flight simulator makes it easy to venture into space, get up close and personal with the surfaces of planet, to fly quickly beyond the moon, and document your journey for future reference.

With 3DAstronomer you can do even more than travel through the universe in real-time or at hyper-speed!  All movement in 3DAstronomer online flight simulator is seamless; the exponential zoom feature lets you explore space across a huge range of scales, from galaxy clusters to spacecraft only a few meters across.

The 3DAstronomer online flight simulator allows you to bring your camera with you, so you can capture images and even videos of your space travels.  The file menu allows you to capture the displayed images and videos for future viewing.   Space is huge and you may only visit some places once, so why not keep a record?

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the brand new, unique space simulation program, 3DAstronomer is its uncanny ability to capture the imagination and excitement of its users.  People who have dreamed about visiting distant planets since the time they were children are astounded by the capabilities and incredible imagery 3DAstronomer online flight simulator provides.

With 3DAstronomer online flight simulator, you can take a journey and witness the blazing hot surface of the sun.  Be stunned as you approach this radiating star with a golden luminous sphere around it.  Observe the animated solar flares erupt from its surface. Position yourself above Jupiter and watch as its large moons drift across the face of the planet, casting multiple eclipse shadows on its banded clouds and Great Red Spot.  Move beyond our galaxy and look back at the spectacle that is the Milky Way.  Embrace the spirit of past space explorers:

As I stand out here in the wonders of the unknown at Hadley, I sort of realize there’s a fundamental truth to our nature, Man must explore . . . and this is exploration at its greatest.

— Dave Scott, Commander Apollo 15, upon becoming the 7th man to walk on the Moon, 31 July 1971.

3DAstronomer is just the best online flight simulator for space lovers and astronomers, and awesome space games for kids.

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